Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shepherd vs. Gilbert High

This was the toughest game we have ever played. Last years team that won state lost to Gilbert so its fun to say that so far we r better than last years team :]. I started at 1st base in this game. I was pretty surprised since i didn't think I would ever start. I made a sweet double play which ended us out of a bad inning with bases loaded. The ending score of the game was 9 - 7. The last inning we were down by 2 points 5 - 7. We had bases loaded with 1 out. Our best hitter was up to bat and he smacked a Grand Slam! This ended the game 9 - 7 and we were all screaming and yelling cuz we were so excited to have beaten one of the hardest teams we will have played. It was definitely a really fun game.

(I think I forgot the Smith game. We won that game 7 - 1.)

My next game is Wednesday at Stapley at 3pm. This game should be a tough one too.


Chelley said...

It was an awesome ending!! Loved it!

Richard said...

Great win!! You guys are going to be undeafeted!! Keep up the good work!!