Tuesday, January 27, 2009

current news

Its been like 12 days since i have last posted :/.

Well the current things going on are as followed:

I got to football every morning monday-friday and workout in the weight room and on the field doing different drills. I really like do this. Its a lot of fun and a morning exercise is good.

Regionals are this saturday. I need to practice my hard out these next few days.

Today i am doing a concert for the 6th graders that come to view shepherd. It should be fun, plus i get to miss 2nd hour.

Then on thursday i have this stupid duet thing i am doing at my school for this show off shepherd thing which the 6th graders are supposed to come and i dont see why they would come.

3 - 6pm church is ok. I like how I have all the morning and half the afternoon but coming when the sun is down sucks.

Well i need to go so talk to you later.


Chelley said...

I kinda like staying home all morning and half the afternoon with nowhere I am supposed to be. I like baking with you in my pj's and just doing things around the house that I don't seem to be able to do during the week. Love you!

Lexie Smith said...

Oh its really just an informational thing for them but surprisingly a lot of them come. The school is like swarming with them its crazy. The whole point of it really though is so the kids can meet some of their ffuture teachers and they can get to know the school a little bit better

music lady said...

Good luck on Saturday! I'll be thinking about you when it is your time to try-out.

Richard said...

Good luck on the duet and at regionals. You will be great. Remember we would like to come and hear you play sometime.