Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas, New Years, paintballing.....

Well Christmas was great. I got lots of clothes and money. I got some other small things too. Probably my favorite present was form my grandpa which was $100. I used that and my money to buy a paintball gun. I really love paintball only problem is that is an expensive sport. I went paintballing yesterday and it was a ton of fun! My gun is pretty sweet. I didn't really get hurt that much but my dad took a beating lol. He has lot of welts and stuff. I got shot 4 times in my lef shoulder from about 6 feet away (ouch!). I am very excited for my next paintball trip.

Then Last night we hung out with the Smithson;s and played games and watch movies. It was fun :)

I took down down all the christmas lights down today. It was kind of sad to have the winter holiday and take down all the decarations.

I am not excited to go to back to school. Mainly because my schedule doesnt change a bit.

Well thats all for now.. :)

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Richard said...

Thanks for hanging out with Trent and I and going paintballing. It was alot of fun!!