Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catch up

So lately i have been working on my eagle project and just been hanging out with friends. I have a nice sized toy collection going and I am going to give my letter of approval to the Walmart on Southern and will hopefully get accepted and a date chosen.

Baptisms for the dead are next tuesday and i will hopefully be doing names for my ancestors the Koenigsbergers. I have always wanted to do names for my ancestors. I am so excited to help them. On wednesday I will go with Grandma Hooper to help her with all that.

Well thats pretty much it soooo....yea ill let u know when something exciting happens. :))


music lady said...
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music lady said...

Just keep on doing such projects! There is honor in a job well done and there are blessings there as well.

Richard said...

Hey Jon! The Eagle project was a total success. I am impressed with the way you had everything organized and planned out. Good job and pat yourself on the back!! I enjoyed working with you very much!! Thanks!