Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cubs vs. Athletics

Finally my team beats a team other than the D-backs (our rivals). The score was 13 - 5. I got 2 good hits and one strike out (with 4 foul balls). I had 2 RBIs and some good outs on first base. Overall, my team did great. I was proud of their great fielding; only a couple mistakes.
Hopefully my team does the same for me when I pitch on Wednesday.
(Im playing first base in this picture)


bryan said...

I wish Icould of been there. Oh well, I can't be at all of them, not with 3 games to get to sometimes.

Leslie said...


Jonathan said...

It's ok dad. I still have plenty more games you can come to.

And thanks leslie.

Chelley said...

You looked great on first base! I had to laugh at some of the stretches you did to catch that ball. If I tried any of that, I would break something! Maybe you should have been a gymnast cause those were some splits!